Latte to the Trend: Matcha

This is the start of something new. A new series that is. Sometimes we’re late to a trend. Whether we just didn’t care enough to actually try something out or, wait, usually we just don’t care enough. So to start off this new series, we went to Cha Cha Matcha at their semi-new location in Midtown. Cha Cha Matcha has been plaguing your Insta feeds for around a year now and it’s safe to say we are late to the matcha trend. Continue reading

Apps on a Budget

Sarah and I were finally reunited for a brief 24 hours this past day, so our post is late again. Feel free to drag us in the comments if you feel so inclined. As we wanted to chill and spend time with one another, we also realized we’re both broke AF. Naturally, we turned to the millennial saving grace: Trader Joe’s. We wanted appys (appetizers for you uncultured folk) on a budget, whilst enjoying the pleasant NYC scenery.  I, for one, love drinking rose under the constant threat of getting shat on by a flock of pigeons.

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New York Hot (Dog) Spot

Wait…you think Sarah moved to NYC and would get just some random street meat hot dog? Aw, that’s really cute. Adorable. Truly. As you can see from the photo above, Sarah went to a spot called Crif Dogs, located in what kinda looks like your drug dealers apartment from the outside. Obviously, we mean just your weed guy because actual drugs are just very passé at the moment.

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Cinco de Drinko

Happy Cinco de Drinko everyone! Clearly here at #basicisalifestyle we decided to celebrate with some #authentic Mexican food, Taco Bell. I mean, do we even really know what Cinco de Mayo is even about? Like was it Mexican independence? Corona opening their first distribution center? Probably a battle? Whatever it doesn’t really matter since we only like tacos, not the people who actually make them. Actually taking the time to know a whole other culture is just too much effort you know? Like, let me enjoy my Baja Blast in peace people.

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