Fall Fashion

My skin has cleared, my anti-humidity hair products stored away, and leaves have started their descent to their cyclical yearly death – fall is finally back. I’ve missed my favorite season so much, and we’ve decided to roundup a few affordable fall fashion pieces. The affordability is only for people who agree that goop products are reasonably priced, like ourselves.

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Summer Looks For Daytime Drunkenness

Special Sarah Announcement: I had to swallow my pride and finally put myself on the blog. So be kind. Please.

Editor’s note: Sarah’s shoes ARE very cute! She got them after me, thanks.

Summer is in full swing and ever since it has been above 75 degrees we’ve only been focused on one thing, day drinking. Day drinking is the best, you get to take cute pics without worrying about lighting, all your favorite food places are still open for drunchies, and your ex gets to see you blackout throwing up on the subway platform on his way home from work. The only real negative is trying to figure out what to wear during summertime day drinking because it’s going to get messy, but like, your insta story needs to be cute ya know?

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