Meet the team, and by the team, we really mean two girls just trying to figure it the f*ck out. We eat kale, drink rose, and live our most basic lives. #basicisalifestyle

Contact: basicisalifestyle@gmail.com

Instagram: @basicisalifestyle

Twitter: @basicisalife

Libby, Co-founder and Editor

I own a lifesize Joe Biden cutout and that’s just what I’m going to leave here. Follow me and give me validation!

Twitter: @youonlyLIBonce

Instagram: @libbybren

Sarah, Co-founder and Creative Director

An artist and avid dog insta follower, who seriously needs everyone else to get on my #drama level. It all makes for a good story, so haters can drink some other tea. Follow me to see cooler artsy shit than your friends’ post.

Instagram: @sarah_gross