BBQ For Your Fall Body

Have you started preparing your fall body? You know, that extra little chub that comes with sweater-weather and an onslaught of ramen-centric Bumble dates. Well, if you need a little extra help preparing your body- we present you with the best barbeque, ever.

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Mmmmmm award-winning food

Yes, I fully realize how “clickbaity” it is saying that the best barbeque can be found in a Baltimore suburb. But, consider that it could quite possibly be true. Personally, I’ve eaten barbeque across the south and while there are many distinct regional styles that have their individual benefits, the techniques can be applied pretty much anywhere. This is where Andy Nelson’s steps in. They took each of the best regional styles and put it on their menu. and they manage to do it well. Do you want Carolina style pulled pork? You got it? Texas dry-rubbed brisket? You betcha! Like weird white Alabama sauce? Come and get it!

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Our respective meals

We got a brisket sandwich and a pulled pork sandwich, with cole slaw and potato salad respectively. The potato salad should not be slept on here as it is easily the best I have ever had. It’s not too mayo-heavy and has nice potato chunks, so a good texture all around and not mysterious and weird.

The meat is succulent and juicy, seriously, succulent enough to make you actually use that word when you thought it was only reserved for Andrew Zimmer describing some weird bug dish. You are able to enjoy your meal surrounded by some kitsch decoration and people from all walks of life. Seriously, you’ll see a guy whose tie is holding on just as well as his marriage seated across from a girl who religiously follows Phish.

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The food here is so good we had it at my mother’s wake. No joke. I mean there was fancy food there too, but, nothing soothes the soul quite like brisket. My sister is bent on having it catered at her wedding, and nobody will fight her on that decision. Because would you rather eat filet again? Or some dope meat with dank potato salad.

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Not exactly Kosher decor here

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Andy Nelson’s might be Baltimore’s best-kept secret besides the ability to staying segregated after Jim Crow! If you find yourself in or around Baltimore with a true hankering for some good barbeque, just head to Andy’s, it’s the place with a massive pig on top of the building.

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