Fall Fashion

My skin has cleared, my anti-humidity hair products stored away, and leaves have started their descent to their cyclical yearly death – fall is finally back. I’ve missed my favorite season so much, and we’ve decided to roundup a few affordable fall fashion pieces. The affordability is only for people who agree that goop products are reasonably priced, like ourselves.


1) Which We Want Syd Tunic

I’m calling it right now, the preppy styles of the eighties (not mid-2000s) are going to be back. This is going to give you Dead Poets Society vibes like you’ve never had vibes before. In a lovely burnt orange hue, you can freaking match fall foliage. FOILAGE PEOPLE!

2) Melissa Oversized Teddy Fur Trucker in Dusty Pink

So furry, so oversized, so…millenial pink! Picture it: you’re walking down a city street with a few other moderately attractive background characters, uh, people and you see this astounding guy leaving a sustainable coffee shop with just three days worth of stubble. He catches your eye, drawn to you, because of your massive pink furry coat. You fall in love and have wonderful hipster babies. All because of a pink furry coat.

3) Everlane Classic French Terry Mockneck Sweatshirt in Black

Everyone needs a good basic black sweater. Yours is probably older than you would like to admit, and from H&M *shudders*. How can you, a just barely debt ridden twenty something, be seen in something from H&M? You need to put on a charade that you can afford a completely different lifestyle. Like, with your totally real salary why wouldn’t you buy this?

4) ASOS Mini Backpack With Front Pocket

Backpacks are all the rage now. Well, they have always been the rage for educational and hiking purposes, but now fashion editors like them. A part utilitarian part trend this mini backpack is all you need to discreetly store your tampons as you hustle to the office bathroom because you felt some weird cramps and just need to check. Also- it’s good to transition to night!

5) ASOS MACARONI Pointed Flat Mules

Holy hell these are trendier than an Instagram model posting an unedited selfie on a Sunday morning with a long winded caption about how social media isn’t real and she’s not as perfect as her feed will tell you. She’s still getting a check from that totally empowering new cycling studio by her house tho. These also look like your best new reason to get blister Band-Aids.

6) Everlane High-Rise Skinny Jean (Ankle)


Thank you, that is all.


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