Do You Care About “care/of”?

We care about our health here at #basicisalifestyle, but only if that healthy image will fit with our Insta aesthetic. If you’re not going to bring the packaging and/or help me fake a wealthy lifestyle I can’t afford to keep up with, then frankly, we’re not interested. This is where care/of comes in. It’s vitamins that look very chic and expensive, without being expensive. It’s almost like that sentence served no purpose with the setup I just wrote…almost.

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Ever trendy, care/of jumped onto the ~personalized~ branding bandwagon. Us precious millennial snowflakes need every to be very personal, as Gen Z is starting to steal some of our much-needed attention. Sarah wanted to try these vitamins out partly because of #health and partly because she needs to be ahead of the trend (which tbh, major props). She chose to have Magnesium, Iron, b12, and Probiotic supplements in her Lil sachet.

We take two very different sides to the whole vitamin debate; Sarah thinks they make her feel better and fill any nutritional gaps, and I think they’re a conspiracy and you should just eat more raw spinach. Hey, it’s pretty freaking cute. I’ll admit that. Sarah also would 10/10 recommend it, as getting one of these is significantly cheaper than just buying the supplements on your own.


I mean, look at that font, we can’t resist anything with good packaging. This will surely lead to vast bank accounts and no buyer’s remorse at all.


Get yours here

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