Apps on a Budget

Sarah and I were finally reunited for a brief 24 hours this past day, so our post is late again. Feel free to drag us in the comments if you feel so inclined. As we wanted to chill and spend time with one another, we also realized we’re both broke AF. Naturally, we turned to the millennial saving grace: Trader Joe’s. We wanted appys (appetizers for you uncultured folk) on a budget, whilst enjoying the pleasant NYC scenery.  I, for one, love drinking rose under the constant threat of getting shat on by a flock of pigeons.

Entering an NYC Trader Joe’s is similar to entering our minds when we’re our most anxious, re: pre-gaming Thanksgiving dinners and going out to bars in our hometown. The line wasn’t super intense, but it did wrap through the aisles constricting those who really craved that frozen Lamb Vindaloo. We just grabbed some $1.99 spicy hummus and a small bag of baby carrots and hightailed it out of there. By high tailed I mean we mean stood in line and pointed at things we liked, I’m sure the people surrounding us were confused how these toddlers had the know how to discuss what types of wines they liked. We then wandered over to a local wine store and were quickly were talked into buying a rosé, but it was $13.99 and v good, so no complaints.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

With out budget apps in hand (or in a designer backpack, sry I’m the worst) we headed to Stuyvesant Square to gossip, err, have thoughtful discussions about people whom we totally like from college. Sarah grabbed some cups from her apartment that might be from her roommate’s brother’s senior prom, but for the sake of privacy and our own embarrassment, we kept the logo out of the pics. We totally suggest doing this with one or a few of your friends (maybe spring for another hummus) while the weather gets even better, (yes I’m a summer hater because sweat is gross sorry).


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