Your Basic Guide To Rosé

We all know about, and most likely love drinking it. We’re talking about rosé. But, do we really know what we are ordering (or buying) when we drink rosé? Probs not. Here at basic is a lifestyle, we think it’s important to be basic, but with some class/knowledge. Don’t worry though, we’ve done all the groundwork for you. Here’s our list of perfectly basic rosé to get you through the rest of summer, and maybe some of the fall.

The Line-Up:

The Line Up

First, Underwood. If you haven’t at least heard of this you’re probably either not basic, or living under a rock in the bottom of the ocean far from civilization. Showcased at Camp Glossier and Revolve in the Hamptons, this wine is everywhere. I (Sarah) have never tried it, but Libby did the work on this. She was tipsy after one can. This is not to imply that she has a low tolerance it mostly justifies Underwood’s price tag. We’re not trying to be sober day drinking (because really, that sounds boring). It’s described as having notes of strawberry, watermelon, and peach AND comes in a bubbly flavor. Can’t go wrong here.

Second, we have The Infinite Money Theorem can rosé. If you think of yourself as the “unique” and “different”, but still find yourself on the way to soul cycle, then this wine is for you. You’re definitely basic, but just want to convince yourself (and everyone around you) that you’re not as basic as the rest of them. But honestly, half your wardrobe is from urban so like chill, and really you should just embrace it like we have. This wine is great though and definitely a quick choice for when you are in a rush.

Okay next up, grapefruit wine. Really we are okay with any brand for this, so long as the packaging looks pretty. The taste is the important part, it’s a little more exotic and tart. Break out this wine when you’re getting a little tired of regular rosé, but still want your friends to ask, “OMG WHERE do I get this rosé?!”.

Last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite type of rosé, Cinsault. Perfect for the two occasions when you need wine the most. First situation: When you get handed the wine list at a restaurant and literally don’t know what it says. This is the wine to order when that happens (and when you want to impress the people you’re with). It’s a very light (dry) rosé with a fruity twist that somehow isn’t sweet and perfect for any occasion. Second situation: When you’re at a day drink and want to remind people of your sophistication and that you drink rosé. Luckily for you, the brand we have pictured above has a rose on the bottom, so when you’re taking the bottle to the face, they’re reminded that it’s rosé and not a $5 Moscato.

Tell us your fav rosé in the comments!

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