Summer Looks For Daytime Drunkenness

Special Sarah Announcement: I had to swallow my pride and finally put myself on the blog. So be kind. Please.

Editor’s note: Sarah’s shoes ARE very cute! She got them after me, thanks.

Summer is in full swing and ever since it has been above 75 degrees we’ve only been focused on one thing, day drinking. Day drinking is the best, you get to take cute pics without worrying about lighting, all your favorite food places are still open for drunchies, and your ex gets to see you blackout throwing up on the subway platform on his way home from work. The only real negative is trying to figure out what to wear during summertime day drinking because it’s going to get messy, but like, your insta story needs to be cute ya know?

The following outfits are common day drinking attire, but only one will really get you through the day without peeing your pants.


First up, the bodysuit/ skort (sorry that’s what it is and that’s what we’re calling it) combo. This outfit is cute but makes two major mistakes. The white bodysuit is the main culprit here. When day drinking things tend to get messy, my pomegranate mojito isn’t going to spill itself you know, and white is going to show every. single. stain. as you go throughout the rest of your assumed long day (you will be passed out by 3 p.m.). Our first tip is just to avoid white: unless you’re staying sober, in which case why bother going out? Secondly, the bodysuit. You have to undo it, redo it, undo, redo, again and again in really obscure locations (i.e. alleyway behind your third favorite bar). We’re not saying you’ll pee yourself, but when was the last time you wore one of these drunk and you didn’t?


Ah, the flowy romper, a true day drinking classic. While the pee problem we just covered still exists with this option, you do have an easy out, just pulling it aside since it’s flowy (I would apologize to our male readers for all the pee talk, but deal with it). The main issue with this option as Sarah kindly pointed out is that “the fabric sticks to your butt and you end up flashing some guy you ghosted on Bumble like two years ago”, and butt flashing is something we’re all for here at #basicisalifestyle, but unfortunately this is not the time nor place. The place is Cabo, in case you were wondering.


Lastly, the only thing you should wear while day drinking: a dark neutral colored t-shirt dress. It hides everything that is inevitable: spills, alcohol bloat, maybe not all your shame but it comes close! Throw on a couple accessories you won’t mind getting broken because drunk you just have no respect for the necklace you found on sale and go forth being your #basicbest!

Tell us what you like to wear in the comments!

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