Basic Pool Day Essentials

If you live on the East Coast like us, then you know, it’s hot as fuck. Not like cute California hot. Gross. Humid. Sweat dripping in places that even your boyfriend doesn’t touch hot. So the best way to escape is to finesse your rich friend and use their pool to cool down of course! Packing for an insta ready pool day can be tough work, I mean like what are you even going to drink your rosé in??? Don’t worry- we’ve got a handy little graphic for you!


graphic final!!!!

1. Rose Gold Flamingo Float

Akin to what Sarah is sporting in the cover photo (doesn’t she look precious?) this flamingo float is FREAKING ROSE GOLD! Taylor Swift is shook rn that she can’t post an insta rocking this bad boy. This rose gold flamingo will perfectly show off your basic side while implying that you are not quirky whatsoever, perfect for that new guy who you’re talking to that thinks Top Golf is an acceptable date- it’s not.

2. Ruza Wine

Canned wine has been around for a minute, but now that more brands are catching on it is getting better and better and we’re getting drunker than ever. Ruza’s packaging is perfect for a casual pool shot, just don’t let the alcohol percentage show and be sure to drink some water too.

3. Glossier Sunscreen

Sure- it might be small and a little pricey, but that’s everything #basic so obviously we’re into Glossier’s new sunscreen! Since the sunscreen goes on clear it is perfect for WOC who have been struggling to find a decent face sunscreen. For pale girls, this one might be best for Instagram, but you should double up with something a little more heavy duty.

4.  Cactus Float

Okay, you ~quirky~ girls!  This one’s for you! A swan is just a little too basic for you, but you still wanna keep up that prickly insta aesthetic. This float will serve as a gentle reminder that while still cute, people will get hurt if they touch you.

5. Watermelon Float

This is an update on the classic pool float, you won’t need to struggle to get the cute pic because you’ll just slide right in! (Just like dick pics in our DMs) It’s a cute little watermelon that’s on prime! If your order soon you can get it in time for Sunday to show up your friend that’s recently been getting more insta likes than you and you’re pretty sure she pays for them.

  1. Rose Gold Flamingo Float
  2. Ruza Wine
  3. Glossier Sunscreen
  4. Cactus Float
  5. Watermelon Float

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