New York Hot (Dog) Spot

Wait…you think Sarah moved to NYC and would get just some random street meat hot dog? Aw, that’s really cute. Adorable. Truly. As you can see from the photo above, Sarah went to a spot called Crif Dogs, located in what kinda looks like your drug dealers apartment from the outside. Obviously, we mean just your weed guy because actual drugs are just very passé at the moment.

edited 3

edited 2

Sarah ordered some dank cheese waffle fries which she dubbed “UBSURD” it’s okay we know she meant absurd, but she doesn’t watch as many Insider Facebook videos as I do (I swear they only know about five descriptive adjectives). Her dog of choice (besides a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) was a spicy redneck, you know a Trump voter that still likes the musical Hamilton. The spicy redneck dog consists of chili and coleslaw on a dog. So some meat on your meat with a nice added crunch, MAGA hat unfortunately not included.

edited 1

Comment down below what you like on your dog!


P.S. – If you say ketchup you’re dead to us.

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