Heatwave Flix

Okay, so our personal Instas may tell a different story, but we are TRULY indoor gals. I mean summer is great for rompers and rosé, but like, have you seen our hair in humidity? So when a lovely heatwave hits the east coast, or just you know, global warming in general, we turn our AC up (screw polar bears amirite?) and Netflix accounts on.

There is just so much to watch on Netflix these days because nobody needs Hulu and you shouldn’t need suggestions for HBO, and hardly anyone has given Netflix suggestions that common folk can understand! Think pieces about the future of TV hurt our tiny women brains.

computer photo GLOW.jpg

the flix

1) Moana

I mean does anybody really know just how far they’ll go? Excluding Michael Phelps, as he prepares to race a shark? Moana will just make you feel warmer inside than that time you thought you could artfully use a glue gun! Since this flick is a bit under the radar, we’ll give you a brief synopsis: a girl feels out of place in her small village, has a lot of talks with her dad, sings a ballad, and meets a guy who can turn into animals, adventure ensues. I might have been describing Beauty and the Beast but JOKES ON YOU! Or really us…idk grab the tissues as you delve into your existential crises a bit early this month.

2) Abstract: The Art of Design

Have you ever been at a bar and thought to yourself, “Man this conversation is just too easily understood by everyone involved. I wish there was a way I could make myself stand out as the true intellectual here?” Well, this is the non-Anthony Bourdain series for you! While living your #basicbestlife it is important to remember to fully immerse yourself in all aspects of culture, and relate it back to yourself, through lofty concepts of what innovation truly is of course! Each episode will give you some cringy flashback of the weird ponytail guy on your hall freshman year, but will also give you insight on how to pretentiously call out everyday items in life! I mean… have you seen the Norman doors around your office? Just like really NOT human-centered design.

3) Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

One time Libby saw Sarah at a resort in Hawaii but was too respectful of her personal space and privacy to do anything about it, and it was that exact moment when she reached peak white person. This comedy special is a nice breather from the one’s usually on the ‘Flix these days, Sarah delivers her poignant, while still crass, comedy to an intimate theater. This gives a nice break from the overt sensationalism surrounding many comedic acts these days. WHEW! Those two sentences, like, hurt my brain to write, like, you know? I didn’t even make one comedy cocaine-filled rage joke! (Whoops there it is…my bad?) Silverman does cover some tough topics, but if you don’t laugh you’re just another liberal SJW. Personally, we love a good abortion joke because they just alienate everyone in the room.


This is the best female-centric show. Ever. *mic drop* *you should watch it* *Allison Brie’s character is sometimes annoying but that’s okay because she’s a fully developed female character and humans are complex creatures but still lovable*

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