Cinco de Drinko

Happy Cinco de Drinko everyone! Clearly here at #basicisalifestyle we decided to celebrate with some #authentic Mexican food, Taco Bell. I mean, do we even really know what Cinco de Mayo is even about? Like was it Mexican independence? Corona opening their first distribution center? Probably a battle? Whatever it doesn’t really matter since we only like tacos, not the people who actually make them. Actually taking the time to know a whole other culture is just too much effort you know? Like, let me enjoy my Baja Blast in peace people.


Ah yes, the always suspect ~mystery meat~ of Taco Bell. They definitely have that south of the border wall, right? Personally, I enjoy it because I have no self-respect, but that’s a post reserved for #selfiesunday.

Honestly, there is nothing like pulling up to the drive-through on a day like today and requesting your fav Mexican food, after the knowledge you gained from some Vox video about cultural appropriation. But this isn’t I swear! Cinco de Drinko is about supporting the tequila industry and it just tastes really good mixed with Baja Blast!


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