Coconut Oil: Beauty Product or Food?

Coconut Oil, you’ve read about it, used it, eaten it, and probably slathered it all over your body. It’s pretty freaking great if you ask us. What other product can you use as butter substitute AND put on your face? Probably a lot, but this is the only one that you should do both of those things with. Our only question is: why is it so hard to find in the grocery store?


Seriously, do I check beauty? Food? Random organic shit? The answer is usually random organic section next to some weird vegan chicken broth. Still one would think that a product that maybe has fifteen Buzzfeed articles would be easier to find! The internet has started hawking it to white people and we know white people don’t like any struggle, especially when seeking out moisturizer!

My only concern is oil pulling. It’s essentially just teeth whiting but more messy and inconvenient, two of my favorite things when seeking out a new beauty treatment. Putting something solid in my mouth, having it turn into a liquid #science, swishing it around for 15 minutes, and then clogging up my sink! It’s perfect really.

Looks like drugs but it’s coconut oil! For beauty and health!


I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to use coconut oil because you should know by now; just don’t put it in your car or anything.


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