Vegan Cookies (so you can be pretend healthy)


If you ever made chocolate chip cookies at home but wished the ingredients cost about twenty more bucks and were much harder to find, then this is the recipe for you! Libby’s stepmother showed us this boujee (bougie?) recipe, so of course, we had to try. They are VEGAN fancy chocolate chip cookies.


It’s a recipe, so our biggest advice would undoubtedly be to follow it. The directions are even numbered so us basic bitches had little trouble messing anything up. Chopping up the six dollar chocolate bar was my strength training for the day. I realized that if I was receiving this much resistance from a chocolate bar it better still have a Bernie or Bust sticker on it’s MacBook Pro. The dough was also mealy, which isn’t odd for vegans, just like a superiority complex.


When the cookies were finally done, the recipe gives you a very convenient time frame mind you; we took them out of the oven. The cookies were as melty as that blogger’s makeup that got paid to go to Coachella. They tasted amazing and we were filled with the satisfaction that we too could go vegan if we too had the right sugar daddy.


Ugh, fine vegans, you win this round. Recipe here: 


Processed with VSCO with kk1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

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